Practice Partners views each de novo ASC project through a unique lens.

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Practice Partners approach and methodology to the development process revolves around the vision and direction of the ambulatory surgery center partnership. We listen to the needs of the team and infuse programmatic and systematic approaches to delivering the project on time and budget.

Practice Partners focuses on de novo surgery center projects and taking existing surgery centers to the next level. Our approach is physician centric to ensure the surgery center meets the expectations of investor surgeons and is an extension of their office. We do not charge feasibility or development fees, creating less overhead and fixed costs for our centers. We are a minority equity owner (10-15%), which provides our physicians with a true partner while allowing them to maintain majority equity control of the center.

In many ways, success or failure of a surgery center is determined long before the center even opens. There are many critical decisions that are made, and those choices often dictate if the center will ever be profitable. Will the center be single or multi-specialty? How many operating rooms or procedure rooms should the center have? Will the center provide enough revenue to cover the fixed costs of a surgery center? The process can become overwhelming, and for many physicians the answer is to turn to an experienced management company to guide them through the process. Other factors to consider in developing a start-up surgery center include healthcare community dynamics, non-compete concerns, CON or Letter of non- Review requirements, and closed payor markets to name a few.

ASC Development Services

  • Feasibility Study
  • Certficate of Need filing
  • Project Scheduling
  • Site Selection
  • Architect Selection and Consultation
  • Construction Management
  • Private Placement Memorandum
  • Licensing, Certification and Accreditation Services
  • Initial Staffing
  • Business Office Set Up
  • Payer Contracting
  • Marketing
  • Compliance Audit
  • Accounting
  • Management

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