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Employee Spotlight: Laura Clendenin, RN at Lowcountry Ambulatory Center

January 19, 2017

Laura Clendenin started at Lowcountry Ambulatory Center (LAC) in September 2015. She graduated from Trident Technical College and then returned to Chamberlain University to receive her Bachelor' degree in Nursing. During her time at LAC, Laura has worked as the only full time OR circulator, the pre-admissions testing nurse, PACU, and scrubs in for many cases. It is clear that Laura is always willing to help out whenever possible. Laura is an intricate part of the team at LAC because she is cross trained and known as a "jack of all trades". She is always willing to help out and never says "no". When asked, Laura took on the important role of the center's Safety Coordinator. Nurse Manager for Lowcountry, Paige Nelson, says "Laura is an extremely hard worker with the best attitude. The physicians highly respect her and all of the staff just adore her. Laura can and will gladly do it all!" Outside of work, Laura is a mother to two children, Austin and Ashley, and spends time with her cats. She is often described as extremely funny by her peers. Laura is truly a class act and Lowcounty Ambulatory Center feels incredibly lucky to have her on their team. Thank you for all you do at LAC, Laura!

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