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Employee Spotlight: Ashley Skok, Infection Control Nurse at Surgical Center of the Rockies

July 26, 2018

Practice Partners in Healthcare would like to spotlight Ashley Skok for her service at Surgical Center of the Rockies(SCOR)! Ashley has been with SCOR since December of 2016 as a Certified Nursing Assistant. At the time, she had just recently been accepted to nursing school. While in nursing school, she continued to work between nursing classes and would sometimes come in at 4:45 am to help start cases and then would return at 4:30 pm to assist in discharging patients. 

Ashley loves challenges and new experiences. SCOR Nurse Manager, Laura Carraway, describes her as "very inquisitive".  Ashley graduated from nursing school in December 2017. She is now a full time pre-operative nurse and eagerly accepts new assignments. Most recently, Ashley has taken over the role of Infection Control Nurse and is doing an excellent job. 

Surgical Center of the Rockies and Practice Partners in Healthcare would like to thank Ashley for her hard work and determination while at SCOR. Thank you for all you do!

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