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Doctor Spotlight: Dr. William Carter of Lowcountry Ambulatory Center
Doctor Spotlight: Dr. William Carter of Lowcountry Ambulatory Center

March 9, 2018

Dr. William (Bill) Carter has been at Lowcountry Ambulatory Center (LAC) since it opened in February of 2014. He was a founding partners of Lowcountry Urology Clinics when it was formed in 2006.

He is originally from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Dr. Carter moved to Charleston to earn his BS at College of Charleston. After, he attended the Medial University of South Carolina to earn his MD and completed his residency. 

Dr. Bill Carter is board certified by the American Board of Urology and and a member of the American Urology Association. He was previously Cheif of Staff for the Roper Hospital Board of Directors. Dr. Carter is currently on the board of the Roper Foundation and the Medical Society of South Carolina.

He is currently involved in prostate cancer research. Dr. Carter has also completed research on calcium, metabolism and renal stone disease and presented to the American Urology Association for publishing. 

Dr. Carter's wife of 40 years is Dorothy Carter. He has two daughters Julia Carter and Dr. Louisa C. Staton, and son-in-law, Evan Staton. His brother, Dr. Bal Carter, is also a urologist. He enjoys vacationing on Bald Head Island and his hobbies include sailing and photography of birds. He is an active member of Grace Church. 

Paige Nelson, Nurse Manager at Lowcountry Ambulatory Center said "Dr. Carter is a fantastic, caring, and knowledgeable physician. Whats more, is he is so grateful and appreciative of everyone at LAC.  Since day one, he has brought a treat for the staff without fail.  We all love working with him!"

Practice Partners in Healthcare would like to thank Dr. Bill Carter for everything he does at LAC. 


Learn more about Lowcountry Ambulatory Center at lowcountryambulatorycenter.com.


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