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PPH supports Team USA and Dr. Weinstein, Head Team Physician, at the 2018 Winter Olympics!

February 9, 2018

We at Practice Partners are excited to support Team USA at The PyeongChang Winter Olympics Games. 

We are honored to have Dr. David Weinstein as a partner at Surgical Center of the Rockies, who is Head Team Physician for Team USA at the 2016 Winter Olympic Games.  Dr. Weinstein has been engaged on the Medical Staff, as a Team Physician or Head Team Physician in over 10 Olympic Games from 1999 - 2018.  Most recently as Head Team Physician at the 2016 at the Olympic Summer Games in Rio DeJanerio and the 2014 Sochi Paralympic Games in Russia.

weinstein Team Doctor

Dr. Weinstein, along with his partners at Colorado Center for Orthopaedic Excellence are the Offical Orthopaedic Medicine Provider of the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Cetner, a flagship training center for U.S. Olympic Committee and Olympic Train Center programs.    https://www.teamusa.org/about-the-usoc/olympic-training-centers/csotc/about

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Learn more about Dr. Weinstein and CCOE here: http://www.ccoe.us/MeetOurProviders/DavidWeinstein.


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