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The Practice Partners business-model is distinct in providing each surgery center start-up or turnaround a unique business solution to meet the needs of the individual organization. The model provides three flexible offerings of:

  • Management only
  • Management and billing/collections solutions
  • Management, billing/collections & minority equity position.

We approach each setting with a unique approach that is guided by the needs of the healthcare community, partners, physical environment, staffing, and physicians.

Scope of Management Services

PPH provides Management Services based on 5% of net collections. There are no added fees or add-ons where PPH management services are related.

Management Services
  • Coordinating and supervising all financial and accounting operating systems, as well as the preparation of a proposed annual budget for the center and the submission of same to the Client for its review and approval;
  • Managing all personnel matters, including, without limitation, supervision of record keeping, and supervision of the preparation of all payroll and payroll associated duties by all federal, state and local laws and regulations;
  • Reviewing all monthly financial statements, including, without limitation, balance sheets and income statements by the provisions of bank loan requirements, if any, and otherwise monitoring loan compliance;
  • The Manager will supervise all operational aspects of the ASC Center and provide management reports to the Client’s appointed officers, managers, directors or designees. Examples of the operational indicators to be reviewed include:
    • Cases per day
    • ICD-10 analysis/patterns
    • No shows/Cancellations
    • Scheduling Capacity
    • Utilization
    • Cases/FTE
    • Average Daily Revenue
    • Average Net Revenue/case
    • Cost/case
    • Salary Dollars/case
    • Bills Dropped and electronic billing percentage
    • Collections/Day
    • Payor Mix
    • Referrals
    • Turn Times
    • Expense per case
    • Overtime
    • Potential Expansion of Services
    • Marketing and Sales Calls
    • Purchasing/Inventory
    • Protocol Modification
  • Supervising, coordinating and facilitating the performance of annual strategic planning functions for the ASC Center including an annual meeting of the Client’s governing body and stockholders;
  • Establishing, monitoring and presenting key performance indicators including financial statements and graphical interpretations on a monthly basis;
  • Developing and providing direction to operational committees, including, without limitation, quality assurance, safety and credentialing;
  • Coordinating with clinical personnel regarding development and maintenance of cost-effective services;
  • Supervising billing, collections and accounts receivables management if undertaken directly by Client;
  • Assisting in the recruitment of new non-physician employees;
  • Actively pursuing and obtaining managed care contracts, as well as fostering quality relationships with managed care companies, including pilot projects such as quality initiatives;
  • Supervising and coordinating the selection and on-going operation of Client’s
    managementt information system;
  • Overseeing all record maintenance, including employee records, patient medical records and board meeting records;
  • Recommending vendors and equipment as needed;
  • Assisting in the determination of procedure charge structure/pricing;
  • Assisting in the implementation of policies and procedures and supervising the maintenance of personnel policies and procedures;
  • Arranging for the provision and purchase of appropriate insurance coverage (hazard, liability, professional and other) at appropriate amounts and terms except that physician users of the ASC Center shall obtain their own malpractice insurance with coverage satisfactory to the ASC Center;
  • Overseeing compliance (including HIPAA compliance), licensure and accreditation programs and activities common to other ASCs, including
    quality care, medical records, safety, OSHA, radiation, pharmacy, risk management, biohazard, and similar;
  • Supervising the provision of other services reasonably required for the operation of the ASC Center;
  • Making available to the ASC Center and its physician utilizers performance measures common in the surgical center industry;
  • Manager shall have approval from the governing body of Client prior to: (1) selling assets of the ASC Center out of the ordinary course; (2) purchasing assets with a cost in excess of Fifteen hundred and No/100 Dollars ($1500.00); (3) approving a final budget, including expenses, for the ASC Center; (4) establishing or changing the ASC Center’s fee schedule or reimbursement contracts; (5) negotiating physician service or employment contracts and similar agreements with physicians; (6) establishing or changing credentialing policies and procedures; (7) negotiating any service or employment contract or arrangement with any person, immediate family member or company who is or is related to a member in the ASC Center; (8) selecting or terminating
  • Client’s accounting and legal representatives; (9) hiring of any consulting, accounting and legal representatives; (10) hiring, performance reviews and termination of clinical and administrative individuals employed by Client; and (11) modifying or entering into any agreement, contract or similar arrangement.
  • Agreement to identify other items that would need approval by the Client prior to the Manager taking any action.
  • The Manager will review all expenditures, salary ranges, and performance by individual staff member, cost controls, purchasing patterns, and discounts.
  • The Manager will coordinate the appropriate training for all staff members’ individual job tasks including:
    • Sales training
    • Customer Service
    • Clinical In-Services
    • Billing and Collections
    • Employee/Patient Safety
    • CPR Certification
  • The Manager will provide to the ASC Center by the 10th of each month the appropriate management reports and billing for services rendered in the prior month. The Manager will also arrange a monthly meeting for the purpose of reviewing the prior month’s performance and related action plans.

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