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What are the Benefits of an Outpatient Surgery Center?
What are the Benefits of an Outpatient Surgery Center?

August 18, 2021

Outpatient surgery centers serve as a transformative model for surgical services nationwide. Not only is the US struggling to overcome a costly healthcare system, but also how to maintain the mental and emotional well being of patients and their family members pre- and post-surgery.  In this article we’ll discuss some of the main benefits that outpatient surgical centers offer vs hospitals.

It can be confusing for surgery patients to know what their options are, and what’s going to be in their best interest. Knowing the benefits of outpatient surgery centers over traditional hospital stays can help patients make better informed decisions when it comes down to selecting one or the other.

Shorter Stays with Faster Recovery

Who enjoys staying in a hospital? Most people don’t. Hospital stays keep patients away from their familiar environments, and away from the comfort of home. One of the well-known factors that affects a patient’s satisfaction and overall experience is the length of stay in a facility after surgery. Generally speaking, outpatient surgery centers tend to have a much shorter stay than hospitals. The length of stay is variable, depending on the condition of the patient, type of procedure done, anesthesia, and policy of the outpatient center. Shorter stays means patients can comfortably recover at home with family by their side.

Well-Being of Patients

Lengthy hospital stays can deteriorate the emotional well being of patients, leading to depression, isolation from family, and anxiety. A major benefit of outpatient surgery centers is the ability for patients to recover at home vs in a hospital setting. Being surrounded by a loving, supportive family, without the continuous vital checks and visits from nurses, allows patients to recover at ease. 

Lower Cost

A primary advantage of outpatient surgery centers (OSC) over hospital outpatient departments is the significantly lower cost of procedures, regardless of the insurance provider. This can be said for most all procedures offered in outpatient surgery centers. Patients who are eligible to have procedures done in outpatient surgery centers are typically in better health standing, not needing complex operations, and do not require extensive recovery times. Without a doubt, OSCs give patients and insurers a huge break when it comes to costs. 

Individualized Care

Outpatient surgery centers have set hours of operation due their implemented scheduling, and specialized care. This is in contrast to hospitals which remain open 24/7 to accommodate emergency visits. Staff at OSCs are more consistent and available, meaning that the originally assigned nurses and doctors will most likely be the ones who the patient sees for the procedure. Highly personalized service at OSCs is a huge relief for patients and staff, since everyone likes stability and reliable scheduling. At hospitals, doctors and nurses commonly face emergency visits that require immediate care. Due to this, previously scheduled surgeries may be rescheduled, or assigned to a different doctor last minute. OSCs have the benefit of maintaining fixed schedules without delays or changes. 

Qualified Providers

Patient satisfaction and reviews for OSCs are usually very high compared to hospitals, due to numerous factors. One of those factors is the high level of quality and care received. OSCs are much smaller-scale facilities than hospitals, and can provide a more personalized provider-patient relationship. All physicians, specialists, and staff at OSCs follow state and federal guidelines in regards to certification, accreditation, and standard of care. State licensure, regular evaluations, and facility inspections are regulated by state entities. Physicians, nurses, and specialists at OSCs enjoy the freedom of providing individualized care without the pressure of an over demanding schedule. Patients can rest assured that they are being well taken care of by highly qualified staff.


Outpatient surgery centers are gradually becoming the new norm for surgical services across the nation. OCSs serve as a viable solution to a costly healthcare system, along with easing the financial burden on patients and insurance payers. Shorter stays post-surgery improves the mental and emotional well being of patients and their family members. Individualized care and qualified, reliable teams providing services at OSCs, are key factors in high patient satisfaction rates. Overall, the benefits of outpatient surgery centers outweighs those of hospitals in countless ways.

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