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Steps to Making Your ASC a Reality: Surgery Center Development Process
Steps to Making Your ASC a Reality: Surgery Center Development Process

June 7, 2017

Since its formation, Practice Partners in Healthcare has developed a customizable process on how to develop a personalized ASC. Practice Partners is a one-stop ASC solution – we develop new centers, take existing centers to the next level and turn around struggling centers. This process is tailored to the needs of the physicians or center.

Phase 1- Project Introduction

  • Initial meeting with core physicians
  • Identification of key needs and goals of physicians
  • Assessment of market dynamics – competition, regulatory hurdles, etc.

Phase 2- Feasibility Study

  • Execution of confidentiality agreement
  • Collection of CPT & payor data for each physician
  • Identification of potential center locations
  • Estimation of project scope & cost
  • Development of initial proforma
  • Second meetings with core physician to discuss key assumptions – case utilizations, type and expense estimates
  • Interview and solicit bids from architect & contractors
  • Revision of initial proforma with feedback from physicians

Phase 3- Construction Planning and Project Financing

  • Review initial drafts of partnership documents
  • Final site selection
  • Establish construction timeline
  • Revisions to partnership documents
  • Execution of documents
  • Architect & contractor selection and engagement

Phase 4- Initiation of Construction

Project Development Variables

  • CON vs. non-CON state
  • State regulatory process
  • Free standing facility vs. part of medical campus
  • Renovation vs. Ground up facility
  • Hospital participation as part of the partnership

During this process, Practice Partners charges no fees for our development services. Our minority equity position ensures that you have a true partner, yet allows you to maintain control of your center. And our management expertise ensures that you have the efficient surgical environment you seek while maintaining the highest levels of clinical quality and customer service.

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