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Steps to Establish an Ambulatory Surgery Center
Steps to Establish an Ambulatory Surgery Center

September 13, 2018

According to Sg2 predictions, Outpatient surgical volume is expected to grow 15 percent across the U.S. over the next decade. Physicians and health systems alike are developing outpatient strategies to address the shift of surgical cases to the ambulatory environment. Taking your ASC strategy to the planning and development stage can be overwhelming. To ensure your ASC strategy execution is smooth and successful, Practice Partners has developed a four-phase process to address the critical issues related to establishing an ambulatory surgery center.    

Phase 1- Project Introduction

                Initial meeting with core physicians

                Identification of key needs and goals of physicians

                Assessment of market dynamics – competition, regulatory hurdles, etc.

Phase 2- Feasibility Study

                Execution of confidentiality agreement

                Collection of case/procedure volume, CPT codes and payor mix of physician investors

                Development of initial proforma

                Estimation of project cost, scope and viability

                Second meetings with core physician to discuss key assumptions – case utilizations, type and expense

                Interview and solicit bids from architect & contractors

                Revise proforma with based on feedback

                Identify potential ASC locations

Phase 3 – ASC Contractual Documents

                Initial drafts of partnership documents submitted to investors (operating, management and billing agreements)

                Revisions to partnership documents

                Execution of documents

Phase 4 – Site Selection

                Finalize site selection

                Interview and solicit bids from Architect & Contractors

                Architect and Contractor selection

                Initial draft of ASC floor plan and approval by partnership

                Finalize ASC floor plan

                Initiate construction

Practice Partners development model, designed to flex into any organizational structure, is focused solely on how to best respond to your ambulatory surgery center needs.  Physicians hold up to 85% equity and maintain control over financial and operational aspects of the Center.  We provide development services with no cost to the ASC partnership and our senior leadership team is hands-on, working with the hospital and/or physician investors and the facility staff to build a culture of inclusiveness that instills trust, respect and accountability.

Learn more about our development services at https://practicepartners.org/ppservices/surgery-center-development/.

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