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PPH VALUE WEEK | Day 3 | Leadership
PPH VALUE WEEK | Day 3 | Leadership

July 26, 2017


An act or instance of leading, guidance or direction. 

Leading by example, Practice Partners has developed a hands-on leadership culture by being involved in day-to-day operational aspects of every surgery center. We focus intently on open communication and leading physician and hospital system partners through the development and operational decisions that result in speed to market, high quality of care and reduces cost.

In the ever-changing healthcare environment, we face challenges with a positive outlook and commitment to the surgeons and hospital partners. Our leadership style allows us to:

  • Energize our staff with a positive attitude to provide the highest level of care in the lowest cost environment.
  • Put physicians first, encouraging their input in operational and financial decisions. This philosophy ultimately leads to patient care being our number one initiative.
  • Execute on key initiatives. Very simply, we get things done.
  • Work where our passion lies, with physicians and hospital systems contributing to the betterment of the healthcare industry.

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