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A Patients Guide to Before and After Surgery at an ASC
A Patients Guide to Before and After Surgery at an ASC

December 14, 2017

How to Prepare for Surgery:

  1. Follow your physician’s instructions about not eating or drinking before your surgery or procedure.
  2. Complete required documents and bring them with you to inform your doctor of medications, supplements, medical history, etc.
  3. Dress appropriately. Do not wear any makeup, contact lenses, nail polish, perfume, lotion, jewelry and/or valuables. People also prefer to wear loose fitting clothing that can be easily changed.
  4. You will need an adult driver with you and he/she must stay throughout the entire procedure.

Making going home safer:

  1. Get discharge instructions that cover diet, medications, and activities you should/shouldn’t do. Make sure you know about all follow up appointments and who to call if you have problems or questions.
  2. Your blood pressure and temperature should be normal before discharge. Make sure that your pain and nausea are also under control.
  3. Have someone that is able to help you once you arrive home. For most procedures you will want someone there as least initially to help performing tasks. More complicated procedures may require additional help.
  4. When you receive a follow up call from the center, pass on all information. Tell them of things such as nausea, fever, bleeding, uncontrollable pain or the inability to use the bathroom.

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