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8 Aspects of an ASC That Physicians Like the Most
8 Aspects of an ASC That Physicians Like the Most

March 23, 2017

Ambulatory Surgery Centers are more attractive to physicians for many reasons. Not only are patients more satisfied with their experience, physicians find a better quality of life while at an ASC. Convenient block scheduling, fast turnover time and additional income are only a few of the perks of belonging to an ASC as opposed to a hospital.

  1. Block scheduling: With block scheduling, a surgeon knows that they have regularly scheduled and uninterrupted OR time. They will not get bumped for more critical or complex cases.
  2. Attractive to Patients: An ASC is not only more cost-effective for patients, it can also be a less intimidating experience. Patients often feel intimidated by the vastness and anonymity of hospitals, but they appreciate the efficiency and friendly atmosphere of the ASC. Rather than parking in a deck and wandering through the hospital, they can drive right up to the ASC.
  3. Efficiency: Physicians can do more surgeries in less time in an ASC because they offer a much more efficient surgical environment. ORs in ASCs have a quick turnover time of around 7-9 minutes and block scheduling allows the ASC-based surgeon to go from one case to the next.
  4. Convenience: Block scheduling means the physician does not have to go back and forth between his office and the OR.  In addition, the ASC is often situated near the physician investor’s practice, so he can just walk over.
  5. Friendly atmosphere: Many physicians comment on the simple pleasure of working in an ASC. Doctors prefer the culture of ASCs to that of a hospital.  At an ASC, you get more of a team focused and upbeat atmosphere, whereas at a hospital it can be somewhat methodical.
  6. Great investment: Physician owners may also invest in the real estate. Profitable ASCs prove to be a fantastic investment for its physician owners.
  7. Relief from isolation: Many physicians in solo or small practices have resisted the trend toward employment at hospitals or large groups, but they may feel isolated.  The ASC provides them with a link to the other physicians who are partnering with them in the ASC.
  8. More control: At an ASC doctors have more control over what goes on around them.  They can use the same surgical staff and even order preference packs for their cases.  ASC staff members go out of their way to meet the physician’s preferences.  The hospital might not be as accommodating.

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