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By choosing Practice Partners, you have the freedom to do more of what you do best...

Care for Patients

Practice Partners

You have a passion and vision for your ASC

We have the experience and execution to make it a reality

Whether you are interested in developing a new ambulatory surgery center (ASC) or you are currently invested in an ASC in search of strategic management company, we have the expertise to quickly assess your unique situation, recommend options based on our many years of ASC experience and to execute on plans to make your ASC a success.

ASC Development and Management Personalized 1 to 1


Practice Partners view each surgery center project through a unique lens, because every group of physician-investors, hospital-joint venture partnership and healthcare market affiliation is different. By providing flexible options, we help establish a relationship based on compatibility, one that is personal; where surgeons do what they do best, care for and perform surgery on patients. We at Practice Partners in turn contribute expertise and management resources to execute on the agreed upon ASC strategy, operations and financial profitability goals.

Practice Partners in Healthcare, Inc. ASC Models


Physicians holding majority ownership encourage commitment to the center, from performing all outpatient case volume at the ASC, to collaboration and control of operational, and making clinical and financial decisions. Practice Partners, will provide guidance to the surgeons and support staff and most importantly will be ‘boots on the ground’ to do the heavy lifting for all aspects of management. We will help with AAAHC accreditation readiness and managed care contracting support, to name a few things we do.

ASC Development at no cost
Minority Equity 10-15%
Management Agreement
ASC Development Fee
No Equity
Management Agreement
ASC Existing - No Development Needed
No Equity
Management Agreement Only

Founded in 2005 and based out of Birmingham, Alabama, Practice Partners in HealthCare is a solutions-based company focused on the day-to-day operations of Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

Our team specializes in the development of new centers and the optimization of existing centers. We currently serve single and multi-specialty centers in 7 U.S. states, working in tandem with physicians and physician/hospital joint ventures.

With 170+ years of comprehensive ASC management, operations & development experiences, our Practice Partners leadership team’s mission is to combine with highly trained and qualified physicians to provide unsurpassed surgical care and ancillary services to patients in the communities where we operate.

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