Practice Partners is a developer, manager and minority equity shareholder in Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

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Practice Partners in Healthcare, Inc. (“PPH”) is a developer, manager and minority equity share holder in Ambulatory Surgery Centers. Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, Practice Partners is a privately held company dedicated to the provision of management and operational services to ambulatory surgical centers.

Founded by Larry Taylor on January 17, 2005, Practice Partners initiated our portfolio with management contracts and then expanded into management and ownership arrangements. PPH currently has 10 surgery centers in operation and 3 additional centers in the development and construction phase.The company provides a range of services from CON procurement, site development, start-up, management, coding, billing and collection services

We assist with the planning of facility design, equipment planning, financing, equipment and supply procurement, scheduling, staffing, licensure, Medicare Certification, accreditation, managed care negotiations, contracting with other entities and day to day management of the center. We develop the initial business plan and proforma, to determine if the project potential meets the expectations of the partnership, at no cost.

Practice Partners is a private company owned by the management team and HealthCor Partners, a private equity fund in Manhattan, New York.

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